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Pill Box 1869 Eloi Pernet

Pill Box, .950 Sterling Silver by Eloi Pernet



Wine Taster, French Silver by Christofle



Letter Opener by Marcel Renard

Letter Opener by Max Le Verrier, Art Deco Bronze



Ladle Christofle

Ladle Large Christofle


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welcome to antique silver art    

Welcome to my Art & Antiques


WELCOME, Bienvenue to my personal 'Art & Antiques Collection' where you will find a small part of my 30+ year Collection of Wine Tasters, Christofle Silver, Tiffany & Co. Cufflinks, Nathaniel Mills, Sampson Mordan, Paintings, Antiques, Objects d'Art and Collectibles from around the World, and in all Price ranges. Consider treating yourself to something from my Collection for Less than the Cost of a Bottle of good Wine or, good Meal, however, anything from my Collection will satisfy you each time you look at it or, handle it or use it and will make you smile, I guarantee it.

Skip a Dinner, or a Bottle of Wine and instead, Treat yourself to something that will stay with you longer than either the Dinner or the Wine, or make someone very happy.

* Everything on my Site is from a smoke free, pet free & cared for home environment. Je reste à votre disposition pour tout renseignement ou demande de photos supplémentaires.

Wine Tasters, or Tastevins, or Wineskin Weinschlauch, or Taste-vins dating from the 18th Century up to contemporay examples + a 'Quaich' for 'Scotch' Drinkers in solid Silver.

Baccarat Crystal, featuring an extraordinary Centerpiece, Decorative and practical French Baccarat Crystal and Bronze.

Paintings, originals by Camille Fauré, Limoges, on Enamel as well as many Rare Shaving Brushes in Silver & Ivory along with a wide selection of Unique, Rare Antique Collectibles both in Antique Sterling Silver & Plated Silver.

Bronzes. I have a variety of Bronzes by French Medalists, Max Le Verrier, Maître Max Le Verrier (1891-1973), Marcel RENARD, Coty, French Medalist as well, Jewelry, Puiforcat, Christofle and Gallia.

Wine Tasters or,Tastevins + Wine Goblets & Timbales, I offer a large selection of Wine Tasters and Wine related items from the 18th Century to the 20th Century in French & English Sterling Silver, as well as Tastevins & Wine related Accessories. Whether you are a knowledgeable Collector or a Novice, try to find a Custom or Special Order example rather than your ordinary, run of the mill examples.

For 'Scotch' drinkers, a Scottish Silver 'Quaich' is a must!

Cigar Cutters, some rare with Scissors etc. in Silver & Gold including 5 Francs French Silver Coins inset with accessories, Knife, File & with Silver Key Chains by Charles Louis Eloi Pernet - Please do ask me if you don't see something you are looking for. Each makes a memorable, Gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. and each is Unique. Each Coin is authentic, Antique and 'Dated'.

Jewelry including Tiffany & Co. Cufflinks (unisex) in Silver & Gold as well as Solid .950 Silver Coins, Cartier Paris Scarves, see Purses.

Letter Openers, Ink Blotters, Desk Accessories & Collectibles.

Paperweights, Medals, French, Italian & American including a large selection of 'Animal and Fish' Paperweights.

So, please Browse, enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to ask me a Question or, ask me for more Photos.

I started Selling my Antiques & Art Collection on my own Website as a Hobby however, my addictive interest in Art and Antiques Collecting goes back more than 30 years.

I sell to Collectors, Dealers & first time Buyers.

What I sell are only the finest quality Art, Antiques and Art Objects that I collected for myself.

I Guarantee the Authenticity of every item that I sell and I offer buyers, 100% satisfaction. Pour tout renseignement, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.


If you Purchase only the best Quality and Condition then you will have purchased an Investment, an Heirloom, and a Bargain in the end.

With our Dollar at 35% below the Euro & a 30% premium to the Canadian Dollar it makes perfect sense shopping for Gifts & Collectibles here, 'chez moi'.

Investing in Antique Silver is not a bad idea. Consider, that you can enjoy & use it without worrying about Market fluctuations while the Value of 'Silver' continues to rise.

'Daily Deals' & New additions are added regularly.

Please eMail me and ask me if you don't see something that you are looking for as I might just have it.

Please, Open my 'Daily Blog' for some Suggestions, Tips & my Advice along with some eBay Questions put to me & my Answers.

Christofle & Antique Sterling, Wine Decanters, Match Holders & Strikers, Sculptures, Claret Jugs, and in 'Decorative Arts' you will find my 'Arts de la Table' with beautiful & practical Objects d'Art to decorate your Table or your Home.

If you have a Question or, If you don't see something you are looking for, well, I might just have it, so please, eMail me by clicking on 'Contact' above.    

* Below, is the Cover of an Original 40 page Program from the "Sensations of Paris', by Henri Varna* at the famous, Casino de Paris.




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Joan Miró, 1893 - En Catalan, Barcelone

'European Silver Collectors.........'Deal' of the Week

Dictionary of Hallmarks - 'Dictionnaire des Poinçons d'Orfèvrerie' on a CD/DVD

For a limited time, I am offering a 'Double CD' that I recently completed containing 2 Digitized Versions of the Rare and Out of Print 166 Page, world famous 'Dictionary of Silver Hallmarks & Silversmiths' (Dictionnaire des Poincons d'Orfèvrerie). I am also offering the Book in a Hard Cover version, see my Books.

Europeans still consider this Dictionary to be the 'Bible'' of French Silver Hallmarks and Silversmiths.

This Dictionary contains the Hallmarks of all of the most important & illustrious French & European Silversmiths including, CHRISTOFLE, PUIFORCAT, ODIOT, GALLIA, WMF etc., as well as a great many lesser known and not so famous French Silversmiths.

The Dictionary was professionally Photographed page by page at the highest resolution possible at which point Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was performed and thoroughly gone over to ensure no mistakes in the Translation were made.

Through this Digitized process the Dictionary is searchable as your Computer now sees the Dictionary as Word Text and not just a series of illustrations.

The Dictionary is made available in the Adobe PDF Format thus ensuring maximum compatibility with just about any Computer, Netbook or eBook Reader. In addition the Dictionary can be viewed on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and in short any device that can read a PDF. Fantastic and easy to Use.

You will Receive a CD with 2 PDF's, 1 fully Searchable with Medium Resolution Graphics and the other with extremely High Resolution Graphics which allows for the Hallmarks to be Zoomed and studied in the most intricate of detail. This Dictionary is out of print and remains an essential, practical and an indispensable Resource for any Silver Collector and you can Carry it with you anywhere.

Christofle Hallmark 1844-1862

Sample Pages from my CD, 'Dictionary of Hallmarks' in PDF and Word Formats