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Pill Box 1869 Eloi Pernet

Pill Box, .950 Sterling Silver by Eloi Pernet



Wine Taster, French Silver by Christofle


Letter Opener by Marcel Renard

Letter Opener by Max Le Verrier, Art Deco Bronze


Ladle Christofle

Ladle Large Christofle


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BookEnds Art Deco a pair of Sculptures by Max Le Verrier, on marble bases, Signed by the Artist

Louis Octave Maxime LE VERRIER was born in Neuilly sur Seine, France on January 29, 1891-1973

Circa, 1925 - 1930, époque Art Déco

Extraordinary and rare pair of handmade Bookends by the world famous French Sculptor, 'Max LeVerrier' from his Paris Atelier.

Freaturing 2 elegantlsy seated Ladies reading a book with each sculpture mounted on a period marble base. All in original and wonderful conditon with no losses either to either Figure or to each Marble Base.

Difficult to properly explain the rarity of such a pair of Sculptures, considering they are about 100 years old and, still in such excellent condition which is a testament to the care and attention paid by previous owners.

Both Practical as Bookends on a shelf or on a piece of Furniture, and quite Decorative.

The Sculptor, Max Le Verrier is well known to me as I have collected his wide variety of Art Work for nearly 30 years.

I have other examples of his work both listed on my Site and in my Collection, not yet listed.

Dimensions: please click on Photo.

On eBay France, a pair of Unsigned Bookends just Sold for $530. See item #162501873207

Price on Request

Book, History of Wine Tasters through the Centuries by René Mazenot

I am Offering this invaluable Collector's Book entitled 'Le Tastevin à travers les siècles' by René Mazenot, which contains 288 pages including numerous Illustrations all relating to Wine Tasters. Invaluable for Dealers, Collectors and anyone interested in Wine &/or Wine Tasters. The inception of the Wine Taster with it's changing Style and Form is carefully documented. Last printed, 1977 and now Out of Print and out of Circulation.

Price on Request

Book Mark, 'Marque Page' in Silver by CHRISTOFLE
Orfèverie Christofle, Paris France

Orfèvrerie Métal Argenté

Original creation by the Christofle Silver Workshop in Paris, France in Silver which has been coated to prevent Tarnish. Please, click on the smaller photo to see a larger photo with more Details. The workmanship of the Silversmith with it's Contemporary & creative Style and unmistakeably Christofle Quality of this famous Parisian Firm of Silversmiths. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are outstanding.

PRICE on Request

CHRISTOFLE BOOK on Christofle by David Rosenberg, 2006

I am Offering this invaluable New Hard Cover Book entitled 'CHRISTOFLE' by David Rosenberg, which contains 80 pages including Illustrations. Invaluable for Dealers, Collectors and anyone interested in Christofle Silver. Since its creation in the middle of the nineteenth century, Christofle has always been the Hallmark of a refined lifestyle. Furthermore, the innovations it triggered over the years have revolutionized the style, techniques, production and distribution methods of the Silversmiths craft and the Decorative Arts. An ardent observer of changing fashions and customs, the brand integrated into its works great artistic trends, such as Japonism and Art Nouveau, while associating with famous artists -Man Ray, Cocteau, Arman- and current designers, including Martin Szekely and Andrée Putman. Today, as in the past, whether it be at the table of Parisian emperors, princes and maharajahs, or families of lesser fame and fortune; whether in the palaces of Paris, London, New York, Cairo and Alexandria, on board the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian Railway or transatlantic liners, guests continue to be served and honored with Christofle luxury items.

$34.95 including Free Shipping in the USA See Prices on eBay @$50+

BOOK on French SILVER from Louis XIV to Present

I am offering several Copies of this invaluable Book entitled 'Précis d'Orfèvrerie Ancienne' which contains 150 pages including illustrations of all types of Silver, its evolution as well as the development of Form, Line and Style. Written by Arnould de Charette, Expert agrée U.F.E. in 1957 and sold out and Reprinted in 1986. Invaluable for Dealers, Collectors and anyone interested in French Silver. The Book, for example, lists the Principal Paris Silversmiths AND the Hallmarks from 1838 to the end of the 19th Century. On P.31, e.g. Charles CHRISTOFLE is featured. Also illustrated are photos of the evolution of design for Wine Tasters. Sells on eBay France for 36,00 Euros.

$34.95 including Free Shipping in the USA See Prices on eBay @$60+

DICTIONARY of French Hallmarks & Silversmiths

Available, is this invaluable 'Expansion Ring-Bound Copy' of the out-of-print 'Dictionnaire des Poinçons d'Orfèvrerie' which contains 166 pages including illustrations of Hallmarks, Names & Addresses of French silversmiths including their addresses, their successors and covers a period from the 18th century until the mid 19th century. Invaluable to Dealers, Collectors and anyone interested in French Silver. The Book lists the Famous Silversmiths, e.g. Christofle, Puiforcat, Odiot etc. plus a great number of lesser known French Silversmtihs. Europeans refer to this Dictionary as the 'Bible of French Silver Hallmarks.

CD contains two Digitized versions of the 166 page, world famous 'Dictionary of Silver Hallmarks & Silversmiths' (Dictionnaire des Poincons d'Orfevrerie).


Antique CHRISTOFLE Silver CATALOG including GALLIA Rare, Circa 1935

Antique Christofle & Gallia CATALOGUE of Silver from Paris showing both CHRISTOFLE and the newly acquired GALLIA Collection of Silver & Tableware. I am having this 30 page Catalogue prepared in PDF format which allows you to save it on your computer and reference it anywhere, anytime you like. Easier to thumb through, make photos etc. Collectors, Dealers, or anyone owning or thinking of owning Christofle will be interested in the various displayed Models. Photos include the rare Knife Rests of both Christofle & Gallia.

Scarce Book, 'The World of ART DECO' - Dated 1971

Out of Print, scarce is this Book from The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, by Bevis Hillier. Contains 16 Color Plates, over 300 Illustrations & Descriptions. Publisher, E.P. DUTTON. Some topics are, Silver, Ceramics, Glass, Paintings & Drawings, Books & Bindings, Posters, Costumes, Textiles, Jewelry, Architecture, Interior Design, Plastics etc.

$125 Sorry, RESERVED for Scott

BOOK / PAGE MARK, Antique French Sterling Silver & Ivory

Beautifully designed in genuine antique IVORY with French Stelring SILVER Mounts, wonderfully detailed and very practical is this PAGE Marker as well as being quite unique. French Silver Hallmark, 'Sanglier' or Wild Boar. Comes in its original Presentation Box and Silk Ribbon. Condition & Quality are prisitine as is the Box. Dimensions: 5" long x 7/8" wide and the Box is 5.75" long.

Sorry, SOLD

'ANTIQUE WINE BOTTLES' by Roger Dumbrell, Scarce out of Print Edition

Understanding Antique Wine Bottles by Roger Dumbrell covers the evolution of the English wine bottle from the early 17th century to the end of the 19th century. Out of print and collectible in it's own right, this undisputed often called the 'bible' of early glass and sealed wine bottles includes 338pp profusely & lavishly illustrated with 122 plates and numerous line drawings, this is the essential reference book for all those interested in this fascinating area of glass & bottle collecting. Black and white photos and line drawings of early shaft and globe, onion, mallet, cylinder bottles, nailsea, bladder, kidney and other european bottle shapes. The book contains an illustrative section on seals and also a guide to rarity. Hardcover and dustjacket, 1992 Edition. SEE eBay item #6212114012 Price $300 and another Sold as item #6960777695.